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Terms & Conditions



Terms and Conditions

Assumption of Inherent Risks of Injury and Your Responsibility

Golf and all activities conducted on the Westlock Golf Club (WGC) property associated with golf including practicing/training are physical sports. Risks of serious injury are inherent in sport. This requires your constant exercise of caution and prudent judgment.

Changing Conditions/Inclement Weather

Varying weather conditions affect turf conditions. Always be alert how these conditions will affect your ability to maintain control on all surfaces and adjust accordingly. Inclement weather including lighting can be particularly dangerous on a golf course and, as such, the following procedure must be followed: At the first sign of a storm, whether by sound of thunder or sight of lightning, golfers are required to stop playing immediately and head back in to the Clubhouse for safety. The staff of WGC, at first sign of a storm, will blast an air horn 3 times to alert golfers to stop playing immediately and head to the Clubhouse for safety, so long as it is safe to do so. 

Undulating Surfaces

Turf surfaces are inherently uneven and can change throughout the season depending upon weather conditions/storms. Exercise caution at all times.

Natural and Man Made Obstacles

There are many necessary manmade and natural obstacles such as benches, ball washers, tee blocks, yardage markers, cart signs, flagpoles, turf equipment, power carts, bridges, gullies, streams, ponds, trees, falling limbs, burrowing animal holes both on and off the golf course which may cause serious injuries if you were to strike them. The only way to reduce the risk of injury is to use man made obstacles for their intended purpose, follow on-course directional traffic arrows, drive golf carts and golf in control at all times and to stay clear of moving obstacles.

Other Golfers

Be aware of other golfers at all times. This includes maintaining a safe distance from other golfers while you and/or they are swinging; watching where shots land; and, calling “fore” should a ball be errant. If your ball is heading toward other golfers shout FORE as loud as you can.

Golfing in Control

Any game of golf may result in injury. Golf in control and respect fellow golfers and Staff of the Golf Club. Respect all signs, markers and flags. They are for your safety.


Rules of Golf

Except where modified by local rules, all play is governed by the current approved Royal Canadian Golf Association regulations. For local rules please consult the scorecard or Pro-Shop staff. Players must not practice on the golf course or pitch onto the putting green. No players shall play or practice on the facilities when the course is closed. 

Starting Procedure

The Westlock Golf Club (WGC) Staff reserves the right to control starting in any manner which will increase enjoyability for members and guests and help expedite play in a weather delay. ALL golfers must report to the Pro-Shop prior to starting. The WGC Staff has full discretion to approve or deny the request to start on the back-nine. All games will start on the first tee, unless directed by the WGC Staff.


All scores are to be entered in order to achieve an accurate handicap. The access to the RCGA handicap system is provided to all members by the WGC. Since competition (both friendly and tournament) is based on Equitable Stroke Control, we ask that all members keep an up to date handicap in fairness to other members and competitors. Accusations of false handicaps will be reviewed by WGC Staff. If you require help, please ask for assistance. 


A maximum of four players per group is allowed unless authorized by WGC Staff. Slow play is frustrating for the group behind and unnerving for the group being pushed. For enjoyment of all players, please consider the following: 

Four players per group is recommended, the WGC Staff reserves the right and will pair together groups of two and single players. This puts less groups on the course and allows you to meet new members and guests of the club. 

Allow faster players to play through for the enjoyment of all. 

Practice continuous putting and be prepared to play your shot when it is your turn. 

Use “Ready Golf” this is just how it sounds. If you are ready to play then proceed with your shot in a safe manner.  Always be considerate of fellow golfers and maintenance staff. 

Players failing to maintain pace will be approached by the WGC Staff in an attempt to quickly resolve the situation. 

All players are asked to take great care in replacing divots, repairing ball marks, and raking sand bunkers. 

WGC is a family environment, and foul language will not be tolerated on the property.

Power Carts must be kept a minimum of 30 feet from the greens and tee boxes. Paths are to be used wherever possible. Anyone requiring the use of a blue handicap flag for a power cart must register with WGC Staff. 

Power Carts

Patrons over the age of majority are entitled to rent a power cart. With the rental of the power cart the Patron accepts responsibility for any and all damages done to WGC property done by the Patron or the Patron’s delegate.  

Dress Code

All players must wear suitable golf attire at all times on the WGC property. As dress is a personal matter and “styles” change from time to time please consult the WGC Staff if you have any questions on acceptable attire. 

Tops (shirts, sweaters,…) and Bottoms (pants, skirts, shorts,…) must be worn at all times. 

The WGC is soft spike facility. No hard spikes anywhere on the premises. Approved footwear is soft spike golf shoes or athletic shoes. Work boots, soccer cleats, raised heel or dress shoes are not allowed. WGC Staff will deem what is allowed on the property. 

Practice Facilities

Practicing on the course is not permitted. This interferes with pace of play and enjoyment for golfers. The putting green is used for putting only. Please use the chipping and sand complex at the east side of the driving range for short game practicing. Please stay within the designated hitting areas on the range in order to properly rotate usage and obtain ideal practice conditions. Practice balls are for use on the driving range only, and anyone seen playing range balls on the course may have privileges revoked. Range balls are property of the WGC. Anyone caught stealing these balls will be asked to return them and then may have privileges revoked, with possibility of further penalties.


House Accounts

Every member in good standing with a valid credit card on file will be allowed the use of a charge account, limits set by WGC. This account will be cleared at the end of every month. If payment is rejected the overdue account may be subject to interest charges at a rate of 19.5% per annum. WGC reserves the right to request that any charges must be accompanied by identification and a signature, where required, to avoid discrepancies. 

WGC Staff Relations

All WGC Staff will be treated with courtesy and respect. WGC has a zero tolerance for abuse of any WGC staff, verbally or otherwise. This includes any conduct, comments, gestures, or contact of a sexual nature that is likely to cause offense or humiliation and is unwelcomed. Sometimes, a member may not perceive their actions or comments to be unwanted or offensive but the staff may not feel comfortable expressing this directly. Any member found harassing a member of the WGC staff may have playing privileges suspended or terminated for a duration at the WGC Boards discretion. 

RV Campground

Please observe the RV park rules. Garbage is to be placed in the provided disposal sites. Please refrain from playing loud music at all times. Abide by Fire bans if in effect, check with WGC Staff if unsure. Firewood is complementary when fires are permitted. No dumping of grey water on the ground. Please use dump station at the west end of R.V. Park. Pets are permitted in the R.V. Park only. All dogs and pets must be on a leach controlled by owner or secured to trailers at all times. Dogs are not permitted on the course. Water is NOT potable. There will be no refunds or returns in whole, or in part, on RV sites or memberships beyond MAY 15 of the current season.



Vehicles may proceed to the bag drop to leave clubs, and then park within the non-restricted parking areas of the parking lot. The parking west of the clubhouse is reserved for WGC staff only. There is no parking along the cart storage sheds or any point along the entrance road. Violators may be towed at the owner’s expense. 

Complaint Resolution Procedure

If an issue arises regarding operating procedures, staff of the WGC, or other patrons, the issue must be presented in writing to the General Manager of WGC. If the issue presented cannot be resolved by the General Manager, it can be escalated to the WGC Board of Directors for escalation. WGC Board of Directors decision is final. 


All fees are subject to change without notice. 

Tee-Time Bookings

All players are required to book a tee time prior to starting. Tee-times can be reserved online, or by calling WGC. Club Members can book times 7 days in advance, while the general public can book 5 days in advance. 


The lockers located in the west end cart storage building can be rented on a yearly basis. The WGC assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen items from these lockers. The lockers are on a first come first serve basis with first priority given to returning renters. 

Member Carts

The Member Cart Sheds located in the Southeast corner of main parking lot can be rented on a yearly basis by a Member of WGC in good standing. The WGC assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen items from these Cart Sheds. The Member Cart Sheds are on a first come first serve basis with first priority given to returning renters. Renters must hold valid renters insurance for premises and liability, and be able to provide if requested by WGC Staff.

Member Carts

The Member Carts are permitted on course with a valid season Trail Fee and Membership in good standing. The WGC assumes no responsibility for damage to personal cart, nor does WGC assume any responsibility for lost or stolen items from carts. Member Carts must hold valid insurance, and be able to provide if requested by WGC Staff.


Lessons can be arranged through the Pro-Shop and are taught solely by the CPGA Professional(s). No unauthorized lessons are to be given on the WGC property.


The WGC will not, under any circumstance, be responsible for the property of any person whether the property is damaged, lost, or stolen while on WGC property. 


No pets are permitted outside of the RV Park at any time, including offseason or when the course is closed. Pets are permitted in the RV Park and must be leashed at all times. It is the responsibility of the pet owner to clean up after the animal. Exceptions can be made if the pet in question is a service animal, must register a service animal with WGC Staff.

Young Children

For the safety of everyone at WGC, no strollers or babies are permitted on the course as spectators. Any young children on the course must be accompanied by an adult and must meet a reasonable standard of age as determined by WGC Staff.

Accompanying Spectator

All Spectators must sign a waiver to accompany anyone participating in play on WGC property.

Prohibited Liquor on Course

The WGC is committed to providing quality Food and Beverage choices at reasonable prices. All alcoholic beverages must be purchased from WGC. For this reason, coolers, brown bags, golf bags, purses, backpacks and bags in general can be searched by WGC Staff at the discretion of WGC. Any member or guest of the WGC found to be consuming alcohol not purchased from WGC will have the liquor confiscated, may suspend or terminate any privileges, and may be asked to leave the premises with no refund eligible.

Statement of Policy Re: Service and Consumption of Alcohol

It is the WGC Policy that the responsibility for the conduct of each member, his/her family and guests, in all matters including the consumption of alcoholic beverages on WGC grounds, lies with the individual members; that responsibility is not and cannot be assumed by the WGC. The WGC General Manager will instruct each of the club’s Staff who serve alcoholic beverages to refuse to serve any person that appears to have consumed alcohol to the point of creating a potential inconvenience or danger to himself/herself or others. Any member that feels that their guest or himself/herself has been offended by a refusal to serve by a WGC Staff is asked not to take issue with the Staff, but to rather place the grievance in writing and present it to the General Manager. Any altercations or disturbances will be reported and suspension or termination of privileges will be considered by the WGC Board of Directors.      


No refunds will be given on memberships after May 15th of current season. If the course has not opened for the season by May 15th a full refund may be requested.  There will be no exceptions to this policy. WGC’s Complaint Resolution Procedures must be followed in all circumstances.

Waiver, Variation and Interpretation of Rules and Regulations 

Notwithstanding, anything set forth in any of the rules and regulations, the management may, at its discretion, waive or vary any or all of the said rules and regulations in any particular case. Interpretation of these rules and regulations by the WGC Board of Directors or by any authorized WGC Staff or WGC Contractors to whom such authority is delegated by the WGC Board of Directors, is conclusive.